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February 2011
20th-23rd. Pleasant, then unsettled and unseasonably chilly.

24th-28th. Fair, then turning stormy. Mainly rain, though some snow could fall over the higher elevations of the Appalachians.

March 2011
1st-3rd. Generally fair.
4th-7th. Clear and warmer.
8th-11th. Fair and pleasantly mild.
12th-15th. Stormy for the Mississippi River Valley. Increasingly cloudy farther east, with warm temperatures.
16th-19th. Squally for Gulf Coast. Unsettled weather as far north as Tennessee. Across the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, it's mainly dry.
20th-23rd. Clearing for the Mississippi River Valley. Showers finally spread farther east.
24th-27th. Fair skies. Windy for the Gulf States.
28th-31st. Showers, then fair.

April 2011
1st-3rd. Dry and pleasant initially, then becoming unsettled.

4th-7th. Showers, followed by clearing.
8th-11th. Becoming thundery. Showers could threaten Augusta, GA, and the Masters Tournament.
12th-15th. Thunderstorms move off the Atlantic Coast; becoming fair. Quite chilly Gulf Coast.
16th-19th. Mix of clouds and sun; a small risk of a shower.
20th-23rd. Fair, very warm, then unsettled. Heavy thunderstorms Tennessee, Mississippi.