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Wednesday, December 02, 2009



May 7th 2009, A Significant Day In My Life


The day had gone pretty much as usual.I had gotten off of work at 1:00 pm, made it home, took a little nap and got up sometime between 5 and 6 pm.Since I usually didnít eat after work, when I awoke from the nap I felt like Iíd go out for dinner.


On evenings like this one, Iíd often take off for a ride with the one I was and still am really passionate about.Iíll introduce her to you as ďmy baby doll, a yellow 2008 -Kawasaki ZX6R.


We were headed for the Peach Orchard Shopping Center, which was only about five miles from our place of residence.On our way from the house we were closely approaching the stoplight located at US 76/378 & SC 261 when I happened to see my son driving his work truck passing through the intersection, on his way home.


As we turned onto the highway, the thought crossed my mind, since I hadnít seen him or my second grandson (Paul J Miller V) in a week or so, weíd go there first, for a short visit and then get the meal afterward.


Well, just before the Peach Orchard shopping center there is a flashing light overhead warning of the signal light ahead, the speed limit is still at 55 mph.We were riding in the left lane of the highway, which had a median.As we were passing by the entrance/exit of the shopping center connecting to the highway, I saw a glimpse of a car enter the vision from our right.(This is where we wouldíve originally turned right to go to the Subway Sandwich shop)We had very little time to react before it was collision time for both of us; slamming into the drivers side rear passenger door of a burgundy Grand-Am.


The left side of my body took the major part of impact with the car, from my left knee, thigh, hip, the lower side of my back, the bicep of my arm and my neck.The only bones broken were those of a few ribs.I didnít have any punctures or scrapes of my skin.


I strongly believe in the use of my safety gear.I always ride with total protection, the best I can afford.The helmet (Shoei), leather jacket (Kawasaki), textile pants with padding (but lacking enough in the thigh and hip area), Joe Rocket boots and gloves.


My visor was ripped from the helmet and landed amazingly on the base of the window weíd just shattered.That was a testament of the first place my face could have been impelled with glass and metal.My body continued its path up and over the car trunk breaking out the rear window.My babyís windshield, speedometer were ripped and torn.Her fuel tank was severely crushed.The frame under the seat and fiberglass panels were fractured.The license plate and rear light assembly was ripped from its mounting points and scattered on the pavement.


I donít remember the impact, (but I seemed to recall that I wasnít going to be at work tomorrow) I remember lying on the ground in a tremble and seeing the sky.Not in any pain but trembling and being stunned.As I try to recall so many times, just what had taken place Iím amazed.I donít remember ever feeling any pain.I had no sense of time and I donít remember any length of consciousness except for what I write about this accident.I remember someone asking me if I could move my hands and feet, to which I thought I said yes and moved them.I could smell the gasoline that had leaked from my babiesí bosom.


Not sure how long I was attended to.I remember seeing sky and the noise of my transportation device (the gurney) as the paramedics put me in the ambulance.Then the sight of sky once again and the sound of rotor blades from the medivac helicopter as it lifted off for a thirty-three mile sprint to Palmetto Richland Hospital.The next time consciousness arrived I was being wheeled through the doors of a room for the surgery that was about to take place.


The following day I woke up in the intensive care room with a couple of I.V.ís in my arms and various tubes inserted in every orifice of my body except my rectum, and a couple inserted in the left side of my body.


At first being resuscitated on one ventilator and I was presented with a suction tube to aid me in removing the venom from my lungs.I canít recall all the exact details and they arenít really necessary.I made it to a point when the ventilator was removed but my body wouldnít work and they had to install two units to get my organs back in operation.


All total I spent 16 days in the intensive care room (5th floor) and the last three days in a regular room on the 7th floor of Palmetto Health Richland Hospital.It was quite an ordeal!


The accident happened on the May 7th about 7:30 pm.I was out of work until the 18th of August.The surgeon said itíd be about a year to recover.Still working with some minor aches and pains, but the worst is the scar tissue on my vocal cords.Iíve had two surgeries for the tissue to be removed and Iím contemplating at least another two.During my last follow-up on November 24th Dr. Bouknightís concluded that she couldnít do any more and that sheíd have to refer me to a specialist in Augusta, GA.The scar tissue affects my speech and breathing.The build up of scar tissue is a result of the incubation tubes in my throat of the extended period and having to have been placed on two ventilators to get my lungs functioning properly.


The injuries sustained in the accident were, respiratory failure, collapsed and bruised lung, multiple broken ribs, blisters to my back, various contusions and bruises to my left side (neck, arm, waist, hip, thigh, and knee).I lost my spleen and my diaphragm and to be sewn back together.I was told later my internal organs had been pushed upward into my chest cavity and they had to put things back in there proper places.


I know it was an experience that God placed in my life as a result of a prayer Iíd made.Over the past few years Iíve been dealing with some real emotional issues.Iíd been prescribed anti depressants on a couple of occasions.I hadnít taken them in a while and felt better, but things were happening again that led me to ask one thing from him.Being a Christian I knew taking care of things myself wouldnít be right, so I asked him to take me, so I wouldnít have to deal with things.He gave me something else to deal with.


I contribute to still being alive, first to God, secondly to the emergency response personnel, the medivac crew, the surgeons and nurses that attended to my recovery.The prayers of others were also very worthy.




Paul J Miller III

Top Dead Center J Miller 3rd, 2000-2009